Using Morning Pages to Tap Into the Subconscious

You know, you read about a topic, and it’s not until a specific person says it in a specific way that really rings true for you. I’ve tried Morning Pages before, but quit soon after. Now, after Tarah’s post here, I’m ready to try again!

Tarah B. Thornburg

Sometimes help comes to us from the places we least expect. Julia Cameron, for instance — a writing teacher whose books I’ve been avoiding for a very long time.

I should explain. When you’re a writer, there are books that pop up as “inspired by your browsing history” on Amazon again and again and again. Her most famous title, “The Artist’s Way,” is one such book.

This book has appeared online and in nearly every used bookstore I’ve visited over the past six months, and I was sick of it. I’d flipped through it on multiple occasions but deemed it a bit too spiritual for my sensibilities.

But after my mother-in-law (also a writer) read a passage aloud from Julia’s book “The Sound of Paper,” I knew I had to find it. I searched for it everywhere while on a birthday trip to Taos, New Mexico, but no…

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WIP Wednesday – March 14

Knitting I was at The Twisted Purl yesterday finishing up my purple pair of Veritaserum socks when Cyndi showed me a pair of fingerless gloves she was knitting out of one of the shop's specialty yarns by Leon Alexander. The pattern was Emily O'Brien's Practically Perfect Mitts and I was in love! I love fingerless … Continue reading WIP Wednesday – March 14

Book Review: “Dying to Meet You” by S.C. Stokes

For lovers of murder mysteries and lovers of urban fantasy, this is the book. I was hooked from the first page (or... screen, since I got it in e-book format) and couldn't put it down! Kasey Chase is a forensic pathologist who works for the NYPD. But she is also a witch with the gift … Continue reading Book Review: “Dying to Meet You” by S.C. Stokes

WIP Wednesday – March 7

The Veritaserum Christmas socks are done! Aren't they cool? I love them! Now that those are done, I finally cast on for the second sock of the purple set of Veritaserum, too. This past weekend, The Twisted Purl had a trunk show with the Oklahoma-based indie dyer Leon Alexander. I had to stop by and … Continue reading WIP Wednesday – March 7

WIP Wednesday – February 28

First Veritaserum sock is complete and on a sock blocker, and second sock cast on! No Second-sock syndrome here! I've already tried on that first sock and it's a perfect fit. Once the pair is done, should I wait till Christmas time to wear them? Eh, probably not. My siblings and I love Christmas too … Continue reading WIP Wednesday – February 28

WIP Wed… er… Friday – Feb 23

Knitting This gorgeous poncho is still on the needles! Finished the first half of it last week after church, and promptly cast on stitches for the second half. Of course, being nearly March in Arkansas, it may be too warm outside to wear the thing when it's finally done. But who knows? And there's always … Continue reading WIP Wed… er… Friday – Feb 23

WIP Wednesday – February 14

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Now that my shawl is finished, I've moved on to other projects. The Vanilla Latte socks are still set aside for the moment. Instead, I started a knit poncho using yarn and a pattern that I found at Hobby Lobby last week when they had ALL their yarn on sale for … Continue reading WIP Wednesday – February 14