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Bullet Journaling with April Boho Berry Box

After seeing them for over a year, I finally decided to subscribe to the Boho Berry Box – a monthly “creative journaling kit” ( of wonderful planner goodies and sunshine.

It always includes two pages of some kind of stickers, based on that month’s theme (*spoiler alert* April’s is floral), and a habit tracker. After that, the rest of the goodies vary from month to month. March’s box, for example, included a couple of Faber-Castell Gelatos, a roll of gemstone washi tape (the month’s theme), a sparkly blue Sakura Gelly Roll pen, and a gemstone necklace.

April’s box, however, included (along with the tracker and stickers), a pad of floral sticky notes, and a beautiful dot-grid journal with teal dots. The journal is nice and thin, maybe something to use on the go, or in a traveler’s notebook. Oh the ideas that swirl around my head on how to use this!

I’d seen so many people in the many bullet journaling groups I belong to on Facebook just going gaga over their Zebra Mildliners; it’s one of their favorite journaling tools. It’s a double-ended marker, and the April Box includes an entire pack of fluorescent Zebra Mildliners.

Boy, some of those are *really* bright! Now I’m curious to see what the other Mildliners look like, and how my fellow journalers and planners use them. *Off to search FB*

Oh, if you’re interested in subscribing to the Boho Berry Box, head over to, choose your payment option, fill out all your information, and then use the coupon code B4A5 for a special one-time-use $5 off your first purchase of the Box!

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2019 Year in Temperature Blanket – Jan. and Feb. Update

I thought I had posted about working on my Year in Temperature blanket here, but I guess it was only on my Instagram.

For those who don’t know, this project tracks the temperature every day for a year. Each set of degrees in temperature is assigned a specific color. Depending on your pattern, you knit or crochet one or two rows in that day’s color. I’m using the color chart provided on the Lion Brand blog.

I had to substitute some colors for peacock and lime because my local craft stores didn’t have those colors. The blanket is turning out beautifully!

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InCoWriMo 2019

I discovered InCoWriMo (short for International Correspondence Writing Month) last year, long after the event was over. But I was determined to participate this year!

According to the InCoWriMo website:

The idea is to send a handwritten letter, card or note to someone every day for the month of February. It doesn’t have to be a novel or even news, it’s entirely up to you what you write.

I had to play catch-up a little this week, but I’m finally up to date.

Incowrimo letters to mail out!

I get so excited to open my mailbox and find something other than bills and junk mail. A couple of the letters have come with surprises – a bookmark, confetti, stickers. One came with a postcard from the letter writer’s area.

There’s just something so precious about writing and receiving letters. It makes me miss the weekly letters my grandma used to write us. She’s been gone almost two years now. I wish I had saved more of her letters. They weren’t long, but it gave us a glimpse into her life.

I highly recommend InCoWriMo for anybody who might be considering it. And you can write to anyone — family, friends, co-workers, soldiers, and more. There’s an address book of people who’ve signed up on the website.

Happy February!

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I Write Because…

(This post is the first in a series as I work through WordPress’s Everyday Inspiration course.)

…I was inspired by a college professor last year to get involved more in the literary community around me. Sure, I’d been writing for years before that (including stories and scripts for several college fiction classes) and I had always wanted to write something worthy of publishing Someday (that dreaded word), but it was in learning just how large the literary community is, and how easy it is to become involved, that the idea of becoming a published author just became that much more real to me.

…I want to inspire a love of reading in all ages. I have loved books since I was at least three and, according to my mom, had memorized every word of the children’s book I am a Bunny (though, my favorite children’s book is always going to be The Cross-With-Us Rhinoceros). And just because a book might be geared toward a specific audience, it doesn’t mean loving that book is limited to that audience. Look at the Harry Potter novels. (In fact, keep an eye out for my review of the children’s book Frindle, a story of a ten-year-old boy who discovers the power of words.)

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. … The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R. R. Martin

And, well….

hobbit adventure
Doesn’t everyone?
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Book Review – “Lost and Forgotten: Discovery” by Maurice Barkley

*This review might contain spoilers*

This was an interesting novel. I actually didn’t realize at first that it was the first book of a series called “Lost and Forgotten”, this first novel called “Discovery”. It takes place in present day, but deals with a mystery from WWII. James Cagney (no, not that one; he’s a retired Army Ranger) gets involved by luck or chance with the FBI in helping them solve this mystery that takes them from the US to South America, to Germany, and finally to Egypt. The team makes some shocking discoveries along the way about long-hidden Nazi secrets, like an enormous mountain-filled hanger with a huge train, planes, and dozens of rooms with important papers and objects from Nazi Germany.

The novel started off a little slow, but then suddenly became so fast-paced I almost couldn’t keep up with everything the team discovered, things Mr. Cagney remembered or figured out from his time in the military that helped the FBI figure out where their quarry – who had stolen a GPR (global positioning radar, I think) unit – was going and why. Everything seemed to happen so quick that it almost seemed unbelievable that such puzzles could be solved that fast by such a small team. Maybe that does happen in real life, after all. I don’t know.

All the same, it did leave me curious to see where this team would go next. I’ll have to take a look at the next book and find out!

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WIP Wednesday – October 3

Still working on the Warmth Stole that I started a few months ago, but I’ve made good progress. The color changes seem subtle until all of a sudden it’s a new color. How neat!

I’ve also started a pair of crocheted socks. I never liked how crocheted socks looked in the past–always seemed too bulky–but this time I decided to try, and found a basic crochet pattern. And really, I knew I needed to try. When I designed my hat pattern, someone suggested using the same chevron design on the cuffs of socks. So, I need to know how to crochet socks. Which means you might see a matching Gothic Arches sock pattern in the coming months.

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FO Friday – Sept 28, 2018

Only one item to share for this week’s Finished Object Friday, but it’s one that has me excited because…

…it’s also my first pattern! The Arkansas Yarn Crawl 2018 is coming up in just one week, and I wanted to design a crochet pattern for it. It will be available exclusively at The Twisted Purl during the crawl itself, but once that’s over, I will post it on Ravelry and link it here. (October 16 update: It’s up on Ravelry!)