I Just Can’t Wait!

I couldn't wait till Wednesday to post this gorgeous thing. The picture doesn't do it justice. Logan of Leon Alexander Yarns in Oklahoma City came and brought his Trunk Show yarns to The Twisted Purl for the first two days of the Arkansas Yarn Crawl 2017. So many gorgeous colorways dyed and shawls to show …


16 Reasons You Should Definitely Write Today (No Matter What)

A perfect list from Meg Dowell on why you should write today. I had to share it. After I took the time to write today. 😉

Novelty Revisions

1. You have some free time.

2. You’ve committed to a schedule and you need to practice sticking to it even though there’s this new show on Netflix that you need to start watching ASAP for some reason.

3. You’re happy and want to write about it!

4. You’re sad and don’t really want to write about it, but know it might help.

5. Your characters are bugging you.

6. You’re stressed.

7. You’re bored.

8. You’re feeling inspired.

9. You’re not feeling inspired but you still have to make progress if you ever want to finish this thing because you want your life back gosh darn it.

10. You have an idea.

11. You feel weirdly motivated to continue working on a previously abandoned idea.

12. You need to take a “productive” break.

13. You really want to punch a particular person in the face but instead of breaking…

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